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SSH Tectia

CPU Overload on SSH Tectia Server on HP-UX

Symptom: SSH Tectia Server installed on HP-UX 11.11 takes a lot of CPU, maybe upto 100%.

Check that you have installed the latest versions of the patches offered by HP. At least the following Kerberos-related patches are needed for the PAM Kerberos to operate properly:

  • PHCO_34214, libpam_unix cumulative patch, July 2006

  • PHNE_25779, LDAP-UX Integration B.02.00 cumulative patch, March 2002

  • PHSS_33384, KRB5-Client Version 1.0 cumulative patch, June 2005

  • PHSS_35381, s700_800 11.11 ld(1) and linker tools cumulative patch, February 2007

Check the Hewlett-Packard web site for the latest versions.