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SSH Tectia 
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Using Authentication Agent (ssh-agent2, ssh-add2)

ssh-agent2 is a program that stores private keys for authentication. With the ssh-add2 command, you can add identities to the authentication agent. When you use the authentication agent, it will automatically be used for public-key authentication. This way, you have to type the passphrase of your private key only once to the agent. Authentication data does not have to be stored on any other machine than the local machine, and authentication passphrases or private keys never go over the network.

Start ssh-agent2 with the command

$ eval `ssh-agent2`

or with the command

$ exec ssh-agent $SHELL

After that, you can add identities as follows:

$ ssh-add2 id_dsa_1024_a
Adding identity: id_dsa_1024_a
Need passphrase for id_dsa_1024_a (1024-bit dsa,
      user@localhost, Tue Aug 01 2000 19:41:42).
Enter passphrase: 

When you connect to a remote host and use public-key authentication, you will be logged in immediately.

If you want the connection to the agent to be forwarded over ssh remote logins, you should have the following line in your /etc/ssh2/sshd2_config file:

AllowAgentForwarding     yes

The ssh-agent2 and ssh-add2 command-line options are documented in detail on the ssh-agent2 and ssh-add2 man pages.

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