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SSH Tectia 
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SSH Tectia Server requires a license file (license_ssh2.dat) to enable full features of the software. You should install the license file before installing the actual package.

If you have purchased the software from the SSH Online Store (, you can download the license file separately.

If you have purchased the software on CD-ROM, the license file can be found on the supplied CD-ROM media, in the install directory.

Note: If you are upgrading your installation to a new major ("first-digit") or minor ("second-digit") release, the existing license will probably be outdated. In this case, installing the software without updating the license will render SSH Tectia Server unusable. To ensure proper operation of the software, please update the license first before upgrading the software.

Follow the instructions below to install the license file.

Unix Binaries Licensing

Locate the license_ssh2.dat file. If you are installing from CD-ROM, the license file can be found in the install directory.

Before installing the software, install the license file by copying it to the /etc/ssh2 directory on your system.

If installing from CD-ROM:

# cp <cdrom_dir>/install/license_ssh2.dat /etc/ssh2/

If installing from a downloaded package:

# cp <unpack_dir>/license_ssh2.dat /etc/ssh2/

After copying the license, continue with the installation instructions in Section Installing the Server Software.

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