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SSH Tectia 
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Configuration Files

The system-wide configuration files consist of the following files:

  • Client configuration file: ssh2_config
  • Server daemon configuration file: sshd2_config
  • Certificate validation daemon configuration file: ssh_certd_config

The files contain keyword-value pairs, one per line. Lines starting with the hash character (#) as well as empty lines are interpreted as comments.

Example files ssh2_config.example, sshd2_config.example, and ssh_certd_config.example can be found in the same directory.

Users can have their own configuration files. These are stored in ~/.ssh2.

For detailed information about the options available in the configuration files, see the sshd2_config and ssh_certd_config man pages.

Subconfiguration files can also be specified in the main configuration file. See Section Subconfigurations for more information.

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