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SSH Tectia 
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Component Terminology

The following terms are used throughout the documentation.

client computer
The computer, typically a workstation, from which the Secure Shell connection is initiated.

host key
A public-key pair used as the identification of the Secure Shell server.

remote host
Refers to the other party of the connection, client computer or server computer, depending on the viewpoint.

Secure Shell client
A client-side application that uses the Secure Shell version 2 protocol, for example ssh2, sftp2 or scp2 of SSH Tectia Client and Server, or SSH Tectia Connector.

Secure Shell server
A server-side application that uses the Secure Shell version 2 protocol.

server computer
The computer, typically a server, on which the Secure Shell service is running and to which the Secure Shell client is connected.

SFTP server
A server-side application that provides a secure file transfer service as a subsystem of the Secure Shell server.

SSH Tectia Client
A software component installed on a workstation. SSH Tectia Client provides secure interactive file transfer and terminal client functionality for remote users and system administrators to access and manage servers running SSH Tectia Server or other applications using the Secure Shell protocol. It also supports (non-transparent) static and dynamic tunneling of TCP-based applications.

SSH Tectia client/server solution
The SSH Tectia client/server solution consists of three products, SSH Tectia Server, SSH Tectia Client, and SSH Tectia Connector.

SSH Tectia Connector
SSH Tectia Connector is transparent, end-user desktop client software that provides dynamic tunneling of client/server connections without the need to re-configure the tunneled applications. It enables corporate end users to connect to business applications securely and automatically when an IP connection is established, while being fully transparent to the user. SSH Tectia Connector connects to a SSH Tectia Server (T).

SSH Tectia Server
SSH Tectia Server is a server-side component for SSH Tectia Connector and Client. The most common and widespread usage scenario of SSH Tectia Server is the secure remote management of servers and other resources in corporate and educational networks. There are two separate versions of the product available: SSH Tectia Server (T) for secure application connectivity and SSH Tectia Server (A) for secure remote administration.

SSH Tectia Server (A)
The administration (A) server is a Secure Shell server for SSH Tectia Client.

SSH Tectia Server (T)
The tunneling (T) server is a Secure Shell server for both SSH Tectia Connector and Client.

tunneled application
TCP application secured by a Secure Shell connection.

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