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Supported User Authentication Methods

Tectia MFT Events is designed for automating file transfers, so the user authentication needs to be done non-interactively. Secure methods for non-interactive user authentication are certificates and public-keys with empty passphrases.

However, Tectia MFT Events supports also the other user authentication methods for verifying the user identity, for example, when uploading the public keys to remote servers.

Table 4.2. User authentication methods supported by Tectia MFT Events

Authentication method UnixWindows
Password x x
Public-key x x
Certificate x x
Host-based x
GSSAPI/Kerberos x x

Tectia MFT Events supports the following PKI features:

  • X.509 v3 certificate support

  • X.509 v2 CRL fetching via HTTP, LDAP, offline

  • OCSP

  • PKCS#1 and PKCS#8 private key support

  • PKCS#7 and PKCS#12 import

  • MSCAPI support on Windows




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