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Standard and Unlimited Versions

Tectia MFT Events is available in two versions, and you can install either one Tectia MFT Events Unlimited on a file transfer hub server to manage the data exchange in the whole network, or you can have several Tectia MFT Events Standard versions distributed in the network, so they each serve a restricted set of servers.

Tectia MFT Events Standard

The Standard version is a flexible solution for managed file transfers, where Tectia MFT Events will be installed on several file transfer servers operating in a mesh formation. There can be several Standard versions installed for different departments or geographical locations, and each one of them can follow their own ways of organizing processes and user permissions.

Each Tectia MFT Events Standard installation allows you to define up to 10 connections to remote servers. A connection means a connected remote server, where any number of users can be connected to the server's Secure Shell port.

Several Tectia MFT Events installations in mesh environment

Figure 4.1. Several Tectia MFT Events installations in mesh environment

Tectia MFT Events Unlimited

The Unlimited version is for installation on a file transfer hub server where secure file transfers and secure commands are performed over a large amount of hosts. Tectia MFT Events Unlimited allows you to define an unlimited number of connections to remote servers.

Tectia MFT Events running in hub environment

Figure 4.2. Tectia MFT Events running in hub environment




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