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Secure File Transfers

Tectia MFT Events is typically installed on servers that initiate file transfers, and it connects to SFTP servers securing all file transfer operations between the servers. The target SFTP servers can be running Tectia, OpenSSH or any SSH2-compliant Secure Shell server software.

Secure file transfer protocol

Tectia MFT Events sends all data encrypted with the Secure File Transfer (SFTP) protocol via SSH2 to secure the transferred data. The SFTP functionality of the Tectia MFT Events allows secure copying, moving and removing of files over TCP/IP networks.

The SFTP protocol is an IETF standard and it is natively supported by Tectia MFT Events and the Tectia client/server solution.

FIPS 140-2 certified encryption

Tectia MFT Events incorporates a FIPS 140-2 certified cryptographic module to help ensure acceptance in government audits. The FIPS 140-2 Cryptographic Library has been validated for both Windows and major Unix platforms. The mode of the cryptographic library can be changed easily in the Tectia Connections settings.

For a list of platforms on which the FIPS library has been validated or tested, see FIPS-Certified Cryptographic Library.

Guaranteed delivery increases reliability

Tectia MFT Events increases the reliability of file transfers through guaranteed delivery, which provides a configurable number of retries. When used against Tectia Servers, Tectia MFT Events resumes interrupted transfers automatically, instead of restarting the whole operation. When OpenSSH or z/OS servers are used in the file transfers, guaranteed delivery restarts interrupted file transfers from the beginning as many times as the configured retries define.

Tectia MFT Events can be configured to send notifications to given email addresses in case problems are encountered, and the operator can troubleshoot the situation though the easy-to-use log view in the administration interface.

CryptiCore® support

CryptiCore is applied to encryption and data integrity verification. The SSH G3 architecture and the high-speed CryptiCore algorithms (on Intel platforms) help in meeting the performance requirements of large-scale application access scenarios. Tectia MFT Events enables up to 400 Mb/s secure file transfer throughput in 1Gb networks.




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