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Ease of Use

Tectia MFT Events is easy to install, and it can be configured using it's administration interface. The administration interface helps managing the events according to a logical workflow.

Easy installation

The installation process of Tectia MFT Events is effortless and requires no changes to the operating system. The installation packages for each supported platform are available online. The installation takes only a few minutes per host.

Dedicated user account for running events

Tectia MFT Events is run using only one user account, by default named sshmft. All configuration tasks of the Tectia MFT Events software and creating and handling of events are allowed to the sshmft user account.

Intuitive administration interface for managing file transfers and remote commands

An easy-to-use administration interface is available on all supported platforms, in both Windows and Unix X environments. The administration interface is an intuitive tool for the operator to create, edit, run, and stop file transfer events. The administration interface requires minimal user training, and the user experience is the same on all platforms.

All configurations are also performed via the administration interface, so the Tectia MFT Events operator does not need to access the XML-format configuration file at all.

Connection profiles for automatic connections

Tectia MFT Events uses pre-defined connection profiles for easy session setup. The target hosts and user credentials are defined once in the profiles, and after that the profile contains all details needed to establish a connection to a host automatically. When creating the events, the profiles can be selected from a drop-down list.

Control utility on command line

A command line utility, ssh-events-ctl, is available with Tectia MFT Events. It can can be used to stop Tectia MFT Events, to trigger events, and to monitor the process status and statistics on the events. The utility can also be used as a handle to external tools.

Windows domain authentication

Tectia MFT Events can be integrated with Windows domain authentication by using Kerberos/GSSAPI for fully transparent user authentication. Once the users are logged on to the domain, there is no need for additional interaction for Secure Shell user authentication.

Centralized monitoring available

Tectia MFT Auditor can be used for enhanced auditing of Tectia infrastructure in enterprise environments. Tectia MFT Auditor is a separate product that provides centralized monitoring and auditing, and customizable reporting of the managed file transfer transactions.

For more information, see Tectia MFT Auditor Product Description.


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