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Management Connection

The management connection between a Management Agent and the Management Server is established over TCP/IP and protected by Transport Layer Security (TLS). The Management Agent and Management Server are authenticated using a proprietary protocol after which a TLS connection is created.

The Management Agent initially connects to Management Server using the information that is obtained from the Initial Configuration Block (icb.dat). Subsequent connections use the information from the router.dat file.

The Management Agent authenticates the Management Server by obtaining the Management Server's certificate, comparing its SHA-1 hash to the value stored in router.dat/icb.dat and once the TLS connection is established, normal TLS handling verifies that the Management Server has the corresponding private key for the certificate.

The Management Server authenticates the Management Agent using a shared secret (up to 32-bytes long) which the Management Agent takes from icb.dat/router.dat. After the initial connection, the secret is different for each managed host.

The Management Server certificate uses the RSA encryption algorithm with SHA-1, SHA-256, or MD5 signature.

The TLS connection is encrypted using the 3DES (168-bit key) algorithm and the data integrity is verified with the HMAC SHA-1 (160-bit key) algorithm.

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