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Clear Visibility into the SSH Environment

Tectia Manager administrators have clear visibility into the entire SSH environment, with graphical statistics and reports on the SSH software status. In addition to Tectia software, Tectia Manager can also detect and report OpenSSH installations and legacy Secure Shell installations on the managed hosts. Tectia Manager detects and reports also locally installed SSH software.

Tectia Manager collects detailed information about the managed hosts, for example, details of their hardware and operating system, installed Secure Shell products, host keys and connection status.

Administrators can arrange the managed hosts into groups according to different criteria, according to what is relevant in the current environment. The grouping eases the management tasks, as most actions can be performed per host group.

The host-specific reports help the administrators maintain up-to-date knowledge of the SSH environment, for example to spot managed hosts lacking SSH tools or running out-dated versions.

Selecting the hosts to be assigned to a group

Figure 2.3. Selecting the hosts to be assigned to a group

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