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Efficient Management of Tectia Installations

Tectia Manager enables mass installations and upgrades of Tectia software from a single point, the Management Server. The remote installation helps in maintaining the Tectia software in a distributed multi-platform environment cost-effectively because there is no need for local installation operations.

Tectia Manager can install and upgrade Tectia Client, ConnectSecure, and Server software on hundreds of hosts remotely. The centralized installation makes it quick and easy to maintain the SSH software, so that the security of the operating environment can be guaranteed.

The workflow of installing Tectia software

Figure 2.2. The workflow of installing Tectia software

  • Once a Management Agent is installed to all hosts that you want to be controlled by Tectia Manager, the Tectia software installations to the hosts can be managed centrally. The initial installation of the Management Agents is done locally or by using third-party software management tools, but Tectia Manager can handle all upgrades.

  • The installation packages and documentation for Tectia Client, ConnectSecure, and Server software are imported into Tectia Manager for effective software deployment operations. Tectia Manager stores the Tectia software packages and the SSH configurations in its database so they are readily available for future upgrades.

  • The Tectia Manager administrators can decide about what Tectia products will be installed to which hosts or host groups, but the installation process will be handled by Tectia Manager automatically.

  • Tectia Manager provides real-time detailed status reports of software and configuration deployment progress over a heterogeneous distributed environment.




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