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Tectia Solutions

Two of the most critical assets of any modern networked company are the company information and people - the company employees, partners, customers and other stakeholders. In addition, companies and organizations are required to comply with data security regulations. The exchange of confidential information, such as customer credit card information, must be managed in secure and auditable manner.

Tectia offers a suite of data security solutions that can address all four sides of the equation:

  • How to secure data transfers on information infrastructure level

  • How to automate the procedures demanded to secure data in-transit

  • How to manage security infrastructure in an efficient and cost-effective way

  • How to share data securely to intended recipients, and only to them.

Tectia SAMS solution

Figure 1.3. Tectia SAMS solution

Tectia Manager is part of the Tectia Manage solution which helps enterprises manage the security of their critical business infrastructure.

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