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SSH Tectia

SSH Tectia Configuration Profile Generation

After deploying SSH Tectia to all managed hosts, the administrators need to create appropriate SSH Tectia configuration files for the SSH Tectia Client, ConnectSecure, and Server hosts. This is done with the SSH Tectia Manager administration interface.

The configurations need to follow the guidelines set by the corporate security policy. The configurations will include, among other settings, the following parameters:

  • encryption algorithms

  • firewall settings

  • re-keying interval

  • authentication methods

The configurations related to the SSH Tectia software are made under tab SSH Tectia. The SSH Tectia configurations are further divided into two groups according to software category:

  • Client configurations (SSH Tectia Client and ConnectSecure configurations)

  • Server configurations (see Figure 5.4)

Editing SSH Tectia Server configuration in the administration interface

Figure 5.4. Editing SSH Tectia Server configuration in the administration interface

The administrator can view the configuration files prior to distributing them to the managed hosts.




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