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SSH Tectia

SSH Tectia Configuration Assignment and Deployment

Once the configurations have been created, the administrator can assign them to target host groups using a pre-selected host view. Configurations are typically assigned on a host-group basis. It is also possible to assign host-specific configurations to accommodate special cases, or to inherit configurations from a higher level in the host-group hierarchy. See Figure 5.5.

Assigning configurations in the administration interface

Figure 5.5. Assigning configurations in the administration interface

The configuration deployment (Figure 5.6) is performed in much the same way as the binary deployment in Figure 5.3. A host group can contain several different platforms. SSH Tectia Manager automatically detects the operating system of each host and assigns the corresponding configuration.

Any open Secure Shell sessions will continue using the old SSH Tectia Server configuration until they are closed, while new sessions are opened using the new configuration.

If a configuration error in the new configuration file prevents SSH Tectia Server from running, the Management Agent reverts back to the old version and notifies the Management Server administrator of the failure.

SSH Tectia configuration file deployment

Figure 5.6. SSH Tectia configuration file deployment




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