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SSH Tectia

Configuration Update

The SSH Tectia Client, ConnectSecure, and Server configurations are managed using the following process:

  1. An administrator creates the configurations using the administration interface.

  2. The administrator assigns the configurations to hosts or host groups.

  3. The administrator initiates the configuration deployment. The configurations will be updated as soon as possible. The system starts updating the connected hosts immediately, and updates the hosts that are not currently connected (for example, laptops that are out of the office) the next time they connect.

Note that it is possible to separate the roles so that the engineering staff creates the configurations and assigns them to hosts, and the operational staff deploys them during the next scheduled maintenance period.

The actual configuration deployment to an SSH Tectia Server works as follows:

  1. The Management Server creates the configuration files based on the host group assignment and the SSH Tectia software versions of the managed hosts.

  2. The configuration files are sent to the Management Agent over the management connection.

  3. The Management Agent makes a backup of the old configuration, installs the new configuration files, and restarts/reconfigures SSH Tectia Server when applicable.

  4. After a few seconds, the Management Agent checks whether SSH Tectia Server appears to be running normally. If so, it reports success to the Management Server. Otherwise it reverts to the previous configuration, restarts SSH Tectia Server again, and reports failure to the Management Server.


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