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SSH Tectia

Chapter 2 Introduction

SSH Tectia Manager is a security management platform that provides centralized management of the SSH Tectia end-to-end communications security solution. SSH Tectia Manager is designed to reduce the total cost of ownership of large multi-platform environments, and to enable administrators to enforce consistent security policy and to more efficiently monitor the state of their security environments.

The functionality of SSH Tectia Manager can be divided into the following main areas:

  • deployment and upgrades of SSH Tectia Client, ConnectSecure, and Server

  • configuration management of SSH Tectia Client, ConnectSecure, and Server

  • SSH Tectia Server authentication management

  • monitoring, statistics, and reporting.

These areas of functionality are covered in more detail in Chapter 3.

SSH Tectia Manager is based on a client/server architecture. SSH Tectia Manager consists of a Management Server and several Management Agent components, that are installed on the managed hosts. The centralized Management Server stores environment data and handles management communications to and from the managed hosts. The administrator manages the environment via a web-based administration interface. To share the load of the Management Server, local Distribution Servers may be deployed to facilitate the management of very large environments. The components of SSH Tectia Manager are described in more detail in System Components.

Figure 2.1 shows the SSH Tectia Manager architecture.

SSH Tectia Manager architecture

Figure 2.1. SSH Tectia Manager architecture