SSH Tectia

Administration Interface

The HTTP connection to the administration interface is protected by TLS (Transport Layer Security).

The following key-exchange algorithms are used:

  • RSA

  • Diffie-Hellman

The TLS server and (optional) client certificates use the following public-key algorithms:

  • DSA (768-, 1024-, 2048-, or 3072-bit key)

  • RSA (768-, 1024-, 2048-, or 3072-bit key)

The connection is encrypted using the following algorithms:

  • 3DES (168-bit key)

  • AES (128- or 256-bit key)

  • DES (56-bit key)

  • IDEA (128-bit key)

  • RC2 (40- or 128-bit key)

  • RC4 (40- or 128-bit key)

The following data integrity algorithms are used:

  • HMAC MD5 (128-bit key)

  • HMAC SHA-1 (160-bit key)

The following methods can be used for authenticating the administrator:

  • username/password through HTTPS - The passwords can be obtained from LDAP/Active Directory or stored in the Management Database.

  • client-side TLS authentication with a certificate