SSH Tectia

SSH Tectia Configuration Generation

The SSH Tectia Server configuration requires tunneling settings to allow users in group sapuser to tunnel connections to any ports used by the SAP GUI traffic on the SAP Application Server. Remote tunneling on servers (via the SSH Tectia Server running on the SAP Application Server) is denied for everyone.

The configuration settings are done on tab Configurations → Edit Configurations → SSH Tectia G3 under the SSH Tectia Server configuration Rules → <rule-set> Tunnels view.

Example tunneling settings for G3 versions are shown in Figure 5.15.

Configuring tunneling settings for SAP application server

Figure 5.15. Configuring tunneling settings for SAP application server

Allowing local tunneling on SAP application server

Figure 5.16. Allowing local tunneling on SAP application server

The SSH Tectia Client software on the user workstations needs to be configured to use transparent TCP tunneling in handling the SAP GUI traffic. Figure 5.17 shows the tunneling rule settings for capturing and encrypting all SAP traffic generated by the sap.example.exe application and related to any host address or listen port. The user name and the destination definition will be extracted from the information sent by the SAP application.

Setting the tunneling rules

Figure 5.17. Setting the tunneling rules