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SSH Tectia

Initial Environment State

The sample environment consists of Unix servers, to which the administrator terminals and the file transfer connections need to be secured. The administrators access the servers using a mix of Windows PCs and Unix workstations.

A Management Server is operational on a dedicated server host, the Management Agents have been deployed to the managed hosts, and the initial configuration blocks (ICBs) have been distributed to the hosts. The SSH Tectia environment is administered by several system administrators, connecting to the Management Server via TLS-protected web-connections using the SSH Tectia Manager administration interface. The administrator workstations have Internet browsers (Netscape, Mozilla, or Internet Explorer) installed.

Figure 5.1 represents a simplified view of the environment, with the web-browser-equipped SSH Tectia administrator workstations on the left, and examples of the target Unix servers, Unix workstations, and PCs on the right.

Initial environment state

Figure 5.1. Initial environment state

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