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Importing Tectia Packages into Tectia Manager

The Tectia software packages for Tectia Client, ConnectSecure, and Server need to be imported separately to Tectia Manager.


The Tectia Client/Server version installed on the Management Server host does not affect the import.

The full commercial packages are available in the Tectia Customer Download Center. The commercial packages contain the license files and can be imported directly to Tectia Manager. The Customer Download Center is available for maintenance customers at


Tectia Manager supports only commercial Tectia Client, ConnectSecure, and Server packages that contain commercial license files.

Upgrade packages (without the license files) can be imported as described in Importing Downloaded Update and Upgrade Packages below.

When importing installation packages to Tectia Manager, you need both the binary installation packages (for example ssh-tectia-server- and the corresponding XML package information files for the packages (for example ssh-tectia-server- The XML file contains metadata needed by the Management Server to process and categorize the imported binary packages.

Tectia Manager includes a tool for importing software. The ssh-mgmt-package-import program is located at <server-root>/server/sbin (by default /opt/ssh-mgmt/server/sbin) on the Management Server machine.

The command syntax is as follows:

ssh-mgmt-package-import [-r PATH] SOURCE

The ssh-mgmt-package-import program can take the following option:


The Management Server is installed at PATH (default /opt/ssh-mgmt).

The program imports Tectia installation packages and documentation from the SOURCE path to the Management Server (installed at PATH).

  • If SOURCE points to an installation CD, the documentation and all supported packages for the supported platforms are imported from the CD.

  • If SOURCE points to an XML format package information file then all supported packages defined in the package information file are imported.

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