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Viewing Host Info

To view information on the hosts connected to the Management Server, click Hosts → View hosts on the menu.

Select the view you want to use by clicking its tab.

Viewing the hosts

Figure 8.11. Viewing the hosts

On the left side of the hostname are the status icons for the host. The leftmost icon (which is always present) shows whether the host is connected (green), not connected (yellow), or has not connected for more than a week (red). Next to it, there can also be a separate red icon with an exclamation mark if the host has local configuration changes. If the host has Tectia Server installed, the rightmost icon tells if the server is running or not, or if it was running the last time the host was connected.

Status icons

Figure 8.12. Status icons

Select the host group from the tree view and click the hostname on the list. The host-specific info is displayed. See Figure 8.13. On this tabbed page, you can view details of the managed host and the managed software installed on the host. You can also view audit and event logs for the managed host.

Viewing the host info

Figure 8.13. Viewing the host info

The Configurations tab shows the configuration currently deployed on the managed host. The deployment time in red indicates that a newer version of the configuration is available for deployment on the Management Server.

Newer version of configuration available for deployment

Figure 8.14. Newer version of configuration available for deployment

For more information on the logging, see Viewing the Log Data for a Host, Viewing the Event Log for a Host, Viewing the Audit Log for a Host, Other Host Management Options and Viewing the Audit Log for a Host.




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