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Importing a Single Tectia Installation Package

To copy a single Tectia installation package, give the path to the installation package or the corresponding XML file. The installation package and the XML file need to be in the same directory. The package is copied to the Management Server directory /var/opt/ssh-mgmt/server/dists, but the documentation for the software is not imported.

If you have a single Tectia Server upgrade package (including the common package) and the XML package information files, the packages can be imported to Tectia Manager as follows:

# ssh-mgmt-package-import ssh-tectia-common-
Importing ssh-tectia-common-
  Copying ssh-tectia-common- OK
  Updating catalog: OK
# ssh-mgmt-package-import ssh-tectia-server-
Importing ssh-tectia-server-
  Copying ssh-tectia-server- OK
  Copying tectia_server_63.lic: OK
  Updating catalog: OK