Viewing Reports

Tectia Manager can generate various reports on the managed hosts, managed software, and the Tectia Manager itself.

To generate a report:

  1. Click Reports → Standard reports on the menu.

  2. Select the report type from the tree view on the left.

    Generating reports

    Figure 8.18. Generating reports

    Select also which host groups should be included in the report, and select the type of report chart (2D or 3D).

    Click Generate report to start report generation.

In large environments, the generation of the report data may take a while, depending on the number of the managed hosts in the database.

The report is shown on screen (see example in Figure 8.19). It shows basic information about the selected environment as column charts.


Some data in the reports (for instance the CPU type, memory size and processor speed) are not canonized or aggregated, and this may lead to each host to be shown as a separate entry or bar in the reports.

The Management Agent does not report new system information unless it is restarted (for example, if moving from a network to another).

Viewing a report

Figure 8.19. Viewing a report

Report data is available for further processing in the following formats:

  • Download: Saves the data to hard disk (mimetype: application/octet-stream)

  • Open in MS Excel: Opens the data in Microsoft Excel format (mimetype: application/

  • View as text: Opens the data in the browser (mimetype: text/plain)

  • View as html: Opens the data in the browser

Click Close to return to the report generation page.

In case your browser downloads the data incorrectly, it is possible to download the report as tab-separated data, for example to Microsoft Excel, as follows:

  1. Download the data from the link provided.

  2. Save it to a text file (for example, data.txt) on your hard disk.

  3. Start Microsoft Excel.

  4. Open the file through File → Open, using Files of type: All files (*.*)

  5. Select Delimited, click Next

  6. Under Delimiters, select Tab (default), click Next.

  7. Click Finish.

  8. Manipulate the data as you wish.