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Adding and Modifying Host Views

To manage the host views, follow these instructions:

  1. Go to Hosts → Manage views on the menu.

  2. On the Manage views page, you can:

    1. Add a host view, click the Add new view button and enter a descriptive name for the new view.

    2. Rename a host view, click the Rename button next to the view you wish to rename, and enter a new name for the

      Renaming a host view

      Figure 8.5. Renaming a host view


    3. Delete a host view, click the Delete button next to the view you wish to remove.

      A host view cannot be removed if other objects of the system refer to it. If this is the case, a warning message will be shown.

      If no objects refer to the host view, you will be asked for confirmation. Click Yes to proceed with the deletion.

  3. To save and return to the Manage views page, click Save.

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