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System Task Flow

The whole workflow of Tectia Manager system tasks consist of the following parts:

  • An installation expert installs Tectia Manager (the server) as instructed in Chapter 2.

  • Tectia Manager administrator creates the host views and task-specific administrator roles in the Tectia Manager. See Chapter 8.

  • An installation expert installs the Management Agents on the remote hosts, together with the Initial Configuration Files (ICB) files. See Chapter 5.

  • The Management Agents establish the management connections to the Management Server based on information included in their ICBs.

  • The Management Server installs or upgrades the Tectia software on the managed hosts. See Chapter 10.

  • The Management Server collects all server host keys and distributes them to the managed client hosts. See Chapter 9.

  • Tectia Manager administrator creates and deploys configurations for the managed SSH software and for the auditing tasks. See Chapter 11.

  • Tectia Manager monitors the managed Tectia products and detects file changes. See Automatically Detected Changes in Managed Files.

  • The Management Agents send data from monitored hosts to Management Server.

  • Tectia Manager stores the collected information into the database.

  • Task-specific administrators monitor the statistics and the reports based on the collected log information.

  • Tectia Manager can also export the reports for post-processing in an external tool. See Exporting Information from Database.