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Configuring OpenSSH

The configurations of OpenSSH client and server can be managed the same way as the XML configurations of Tectia Client, ConnectSecure, and Server. The configurations can be created and edited as verbatim files, and deployed with no postprocessing to hosts they are assigned to.

The workflow is to create a configuration file, assign it to relevant hosts or host groups, and to deploy it there.

The configurations can be created in or uploaded to the OpenSSH client or OpenSSH server configuration folder.

Tectia Manager can also be applied to manage existing OpenSSH client and server configurations. The configuration files can be imported and placed under management to unify the settings on the various hosts, and to rationalize their management. Tectia Manager can automatically create a host group for all hosts that use the same OpenSSH configuration, so that their management will be easy.

To manage the OpenSSH configurations, go to Configurations → Edit configurations and select the OpenSSH tab.

Managing OpenSSH configurations

Figure 11.7. Managing OpenSSH configurations

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