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Chapter 4 Managing Administrators

Tectia Manager allows basically two types of administrators, superusers who have the full permissions to do anything, and administrators with varying permissions set for their admin groups.

A special case of administrators are user account administrators. Superusers can create an admin group with the rights to edit the permissions of other administrators, except those of superusers. The user account administrators can then edit the permissions of anyone who does not have this privilege, except they cannot elevate their own permissions or raise normal administrators to the user account administrator level.

Tectia Manager uses a two-stage process for managing Tectia administrators:

  1. Create the necessary admin accounts (Managing Admin Accounts).

  2. Create the admin groups and select the admin accounts to be the members of the groups (Managing Admin Groups and Permissions).

Permissions to perform actions are given to admin groups and an administrator may be a member of any number of admin groups. To have any rights at all, an administrator must be a member of at least one admin group.

The work flow of adding administrators to the system is as follows:

The work flow for creating admin roles

Figure 4.1. The work flow for creating admin roles

The menus of the web-based administration interface will change depending on the access rights defined for the administrator in the admin group.




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