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Chapter 3 Getting Started with Tectia Manager

After the Management Server has been installed, you need to define some fundamental settings for the managed hosts and administrators. All these configuration tasks are performed via the administration interface of Tectia Manager as the superuser created during the initial configuration phase, as described in Initial Configuration for Management Server in Step 11.

First we introduce logging in to the administration interface as the superuser. Then we proceed to create the host views and groups that are the basis for all host management and monitoring operations as well as for the administrator access rights in Tectia Manager. Finally we create an example admin role dedicated to auditing secure file transfers.

The work flow of preparing the host grouping and the administrator roles for Tectia Manager is as follows:

The work flow for getting started with Tectia Manager

Figure 3.1. The work flow for getting started with Tectia Manager




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