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Installing Manually on HP-UX

The Management Agent is available for HP-UX on the 11.x PA-RISC and Itanium architectures. For information on the supported platforms, see Table 5.1.

To install the agent manually on HP-UX, follow these instructions:

  1. Copy the suitable Management Agent installation package to the host to be managed by Tectia Manager. The installation package is:

    # ssh-mgmt-agent-<v>-<arch>.depot.Z

    In the command, <v> is the current release version of the Management Agent (for example and <arch> is the architecture and version of the HP-UX operating system (hpux-11.x-hppa for HP-UX 11.x on PA-RISC or hpux-11i-ia64 for HP-UX 11.x on Itanium).

  2. Uncompress the package.

    # uncompress ssh-mgmt-agent-<v>-<arch>.depot.Z

  3. Install the Management Agent by issuing the following command as root. Note that you must supply the full path to the Management Agent installation package.

    # /usr/sbin/swinstall -s .../.../ssh-mgmt-agent-<v>-<arch>.depot ssh-mgmt-agent
  4. Download a valid ICB from the Management Server administration interface (see Downloading ICBs), and copy it to the default location on a target host (for example, by scp, sftp, or web browser):

  5. Start the Management Agent by issuing the following command:

    # /sbin/init.d/ssh-mgmt-agent restart

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