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Viewing Host Summary Reports

The administrator can get a host summary report from the Management Server. The report is a collection of essential information about the host, and the same information is available in different locations in the administration interface. The host summary report contains all necessary information about the host, and it can be used, for example, when contacting Tectia support. The report is in plain text format.

To generate a host summary report:

  1. Click Hosts → View hosts on the menu.

  2. Select the host from the hierarchy and click on the host name to open the Host info page. At the bottom of the Basic information tab, click the Host Summary Report links to view or download the host summary report.

The host summary report contains the following information:

  • basic information about the host

  • basic information about installed managed software

  • current configuration files that the Management Server has sent over to the host. If local changes are found on the host, this information is shown, but the changes themselves are not available in the report as the Management Server does not have access to them.




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