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Creating a New Admin Group


If you want to assign an admin group rights based on the host groups, you should create the relevant host views and groups before creating the admin group. This is described in Chapter 8.

To manage the admin groups, go to Settings → Admin groups. The page lists the existing admin groups.

To create a new admin group:

  1. Go to Settings → Admin groups on the menu.

  2. On the Manage admin groups and permissions page, click the Create new group button.

    Admin groups and their permissions

    Figure 4.6. Admin groups and their permissions

  3. On the New admin group page, define the settings for the new admin group. Start by entering the Name and Description of the group.

    Admin groups and permissions

    Figure 4.7. Admin groups and permissions

    Also make the following settings:

    • In the Host group management rights field, click Add to give the admin group the relevant rights per host group.

      Select from the drop-down lists the relevant host groups. The options depend on Host Views you have defined in the system.

      Select the Access rights level for each host group. Click Show help to see a short description of each access-right level.

    • Define the System permissions for the admin group. Click Show help texts to view a short description of the permitted action. (Click Hide help texts to hide it.)

    • To add members to the group, select an administrator from the Others box and click the Add button. To remove members from the group, select an administrator from the Members box and click the Remove button.

      Click OK when finished.

The admin group is now ready to be used.




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