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Removing Tectia Remotely via Tectia Manager

Tectia Manager can be used to uninstall supported Tectia Secure Shell software remotely.

On Windows, the relevant installation packages must be available on the Management Server (required by the Windows uninstallation program).

To remove Tectia software via Tectia Manager:

  1. Select the Tectia product you wish to remove from the Software view: Tectia Client, Tectia ConnectSecure, or Tectia Server.

  2. Click the Uninstall button.

  3. Select the Host group from which you wish to remove the Tectia Secure Shell software and click Uninstall.


    Removing Tectia ConnectSecure requires restarting to complete the uninstallation. When uninstalling a Tectia Server on Windows, restarting the host is strongly recommended.

    If a Windows host is not restarted during the uninstallation of these Tectia software, an install lock is set by the Management Agent, preventing any further Tectia installations or uninstallations until the host has been restarted.

    When uninstalling Tectia Server on Windows, if any Tectia Server processes are running on the host, a dialog is presented to the users of the console of the host machine, requesting that they shut down all Tectia Server processes within 3 minutes. After 3 minutes, the Management Agent closes any open connections to the Tectia Server and shuts down the service to continue with the uninstallation.

  4. You are shown a warning message and the list of hosts which belong to the selected group. Click Yes to confirm the uninstallation.

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