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Importing Tectia Installation Disk Contents

To copy the contents of the Tectia installation disk to the Management Server installation directories, give the path to the Tectia installation disk contents. The disk contents are copied to the /var/opt/ssh-mgmt/server/cds directory.

After the installation disk contents have been imported, the Tectia Client, ConnectSecure, and Server installation packages are available for remote installation to managed hosts in the Tectia Manager administration interface Software section. Documentation for the software is also imported and it can be browsed in the Tectia Manager administration interface.

Each Tectia installation disk contains the required XML description files for all the binary packages contained on the disk.

For example, if you have the contents of the installation disk for Tectia Client visible at /mnt/cdrom, they can be imported to Tectia Manager as follows:

# ssh-mgmt-package-import /mnt/cdrom/
Importing /mnt/cdrom/install/windows/ssh-tectia-client-
  Copying ssh-tectia-client- OK
  Creating XML file: OK
Copying CD...OK

The packages for Tectia Client 6.2.1 are now available for installation and upgrade in the Software section of the Tectia Manager administration interface. Documentation can be browsed in the Documentation section.

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