Host Key Management

Secure server authentication with public keys requires that the SSH client possesses the public key of the SSH server host before connecting. This means that the SSH server host public keys need to be distributed to the SSH client hosts.

Tectia Manager automates the distribution and maintenance of the host keys, making the management of the keys completely transparent to the end-users.

Tectia Manager always collects the public keys of managed SSH server hosts (called host keys, for short), and it can distribute the host keys automatically to the managed SSH client hosts. Tectia Manager can handle both Tectia and OpenSSH keys, and it distributes the keys also to OpenSSH clients running on Linux and Unix platforms.

When new Tectia or OpenSSH servers are added under management, their host keys are automatically distributed to the managed SSH clients, and added to their known-hosts database. Likewise, whenever a new SSH client joins the management system, it will automatically receive the public keys of all SSH servers in the managed environment. If the host key of a server is changed, the new key is automatically distributed to all other hosts, replacing any old key for the server.