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Removing from Windows

The Management Agent can be removed in the following ways:

  • In Control Panel → Add/Remove Programs, select Tectia Manager, and click Remove.

  • Run the installation wizard ssh-mgmt-agent-<v>-windows-x86.msi (where <v> is the version number). Click Next at the first screen. Then choose Remove from the available options and click Next. Then click Remove. When the product has been uninstalled, click Finish.

  • Use command-line options to remove the Management Agent. This is an example of a scripted uninstallation:

    @echo off
    echo Uninstalling Tectia Manager (agent) Win32
    msiexec.exe /x "ssh-mgmt-agent-" /Li
    "C:\temp\unsetup.log" /qn
    echo Uninstallation complete
    notepad.exe "C:\temp\unsetup.log"

    Here, the /x <path_to_msi_file> removes the package.