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Creating a New Admin Account

New admin accounts can be created by superusers and by user account administrators.

To create a new admin account:

  1. Click Settings → Admin accounts on the menu.

  2. On the Administrator account information page, click the Add button and the following page opens.

    Settings for a new administrator account

    Figure 4.3. Settings for a new administrator account

  3. On the New account page, enter a Username and Password (twice) for the admin account, and link the account to a real person with the Real name and E-mail address.

  4. In the Authentication Set field, define how the admin is expected to authenticate when connecting to the Management Server. For more information on the authentication sets, refer to Configuring Extended Admin Authentication.

  5. In the Timezone field, you can define the timezone for sessions of this particular administrator. The time setting affects only the tiem shown in the session, but Tectia Manager saves all data using the UTC time.

  6. In the Groups field, assign the admin to selected Admin Groups by moving the relevant groups to the box on the right.

  7. Click OK to save the new admin account.

  8. Test the account to see that all required menus are visible and actions permitted. The menus of the web-based administration interface will change depending on the access rights defined for the administrator.




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