Enabling Log Collection in Management Agent Configuration

The Management Agent can be configured to collect various logs from the monitored host. By default, the Management Agent logs only its own operations, but does not collect SSH or file transfer logs. To enable the log collection on all hosts, follow the instructions below.

You can enable the collection of all Secure Shell-related logs or file transfer-related log from both Tectia and OpenSSH SSH servers, and the collection of the Events logs from Tectia MFT Events hosts.

Log collection of is defined in the Management Agent configuration in Configurations → Edit Configurations → Management Agent.

Management Agent configurations

Figure 6.1. Management Agent configurations

To configure the log collection settings:

  1. Click Add New, and the Management Agent configuration page opens.

    The log collection settings in Management Agent configuration

    Figure 6.2. The log collection settings in Management Agent configuration

  2. Add a unique name for the configuration, the name will be used when assigning the configuration to the relevant hosts.

  3. To activate the collection of Secure Shell system logs on the managed SSH servers, select the Enable agent SecSh log gathering setting. The Management Agent will poll the logs at 60 second intervals for changes and send the logs to the Management Server.

  4. To activate log gathering on the managed SFTP servers, select Enable agent file transfer log gathering. When file transfer logs are collected, Management Agent sends the data to the Management Server at one minute intervals.


    To be able to collect of SFTP server logs from OpenSSH Servers, you need to enable SFTP logging in the OpenSSH configuration. See instructions in Enabling SFTP Logging on OpenSSH Server.

  5. To activate gathering of all events logs from Tectia MFT Events hosts, select Enable agent Events log gathering. The Management Agent will collect and send the data to the Management Server at one minute intervals.

  6. Save the configuration. (The default values can be used in the other settings.)

For descriptions of all Management Agent parameters, see Management Agent Configuration Options.