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SSH Tectia

Managing Host Groups

Host groups are managed on the Manage groups page. To access the page, click Hosts → Manage groups on the menu.

Creating host groups

Figure 7.4. Creating host groups

Each host view is divided into groups and subgroups. If no groups are defined for the view or a group has not been selected for the host(s), the hosts will be under Holding area. The Holding area is the default group in each view and it is permanently present in all views.

The number of host groups is not limited, but do not create more than a couple of hundred groups.

If a group has subgroups, a plus sign (+) is displayed before the group name. Click the plus sign to expand the subgroups.

An example of a location-based view and host grouping is shown in Figure 7.5.

Hosts grouped by location

Figure 7.5. Hosts grouped by location