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SSH Tectia

Management Server Log Collection Process

This section gives a brief technical description of Management Server log collecting in SSH Tectia Manager. The log collection process is shown in Figure A.1.

The log collection process

Figure A.1. The log collection process

Logs are collected by the sysmonitor component of the Management Agent. The sysmonitor component modifies the /etc/syslog.conf file to copy system log messages to the /var/run/ssh-mgmt-temp-log file if the log collection is enabled. The syslogd process is notified of the change to the syslogd.conf file by sending it an HUP signal.

The ssh-mgmt-temp-log file is periodically checked for new entries, and if it has been used for more than 24 hours or its size is larger than 1,000,000 bytes, it is truncated and stored. The syslogd process is sent an HUP signal to cause it to re-open the ssh-mgmt-temp-log file.

If ssh-mgmt-temp-log contains entries that correspond to either the sshd or sftp-server servers, it appends these entries into a buffer (which is limited to SecshMonitorLogBufferLimit bytes in size). The log buffer is sent to the Management Server later when the connection to the Management Server is available.

The Management Server stores the received logs in the database, and if the copying of received log entries to the Management Server's machine is enabled, it sends these messages to the system log.

For a list of the possible log messages and their descriptions, see Appendix C




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