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SSH Tectia

Installing SSH Tectia Connector via SSH Tectia Manager

Since SSH Tectia release 6.0, SSH Tectia Connector is no longer available but its functionality has been integrated in SSH Tectia Client and SSH Tectia ConnectSecure. However, SSH Tectia Connector version 5.3 is still supported by SSH Tectia Manager.

To install SSH Tectia Connector via SSH Tectia Manager:

  1. Select Software → SSH Tectia Connector.

  2. Click the Install button.

  3. It is possible to install the SSH Tectia software per host group in any of the views. Installation will be done in the target group and all the machines in the subgroups under it. The applicable installation package will be selected according to host type and operating system automatically.

    1. Select the Host group you wish to install SSH Tectia Connector on.

    2. Select the Software version to be installed.

    3. If you want to prevent hosts from restarting after installation, under Restart host, select No.


      SSH Tectia Connector always requires a restart to complete the installation or upgrade process, otherwise the system is left in an unstable state. If a host is not restarted, an install lock is set by the Management Agent, preventing any further SSH Tectia installations or uninstallations until the host has been restarted.

    4. Click Install to start.

  4. A list of hosts in the selected host group is shown, and you can exclude individual hosts from the installation job.

    Installing SSH Tectia Connector

    Figure 8.4. Installing SSH Tectia Connector

    Click Yes to confirm the installation.


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