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SSH Tectia

Special Extensions and Subconfigurations

If the administration interface does not provide tools for creating the configuration you would like to use, it is possible to use special extensions to alter the configuration, or subconfigurations to create a dynamic Secure Shell server configuration.

In the Special Extensions field (in both SSH Tectia Server and Client configurations) it is possible to define any configuration options that will overwrite a previously defined option, if one exists. Special extensions are text fragments added to the main configuration file.

The Subconfigurations field (in SSH Tectia Server configurations, 1. General tab, click the Advanced button) may contain a list of host- and/or user-specific subconfiguration files that the server loads dynamically based on the connecting host and/or user. For details on the subconfiguration options, see SSH Tectia Server Administrator Manual.


Be careful in using subconfigurations or special extensions, since typing errors or an incorrect configuration may lead to problems with the SSH Tectia software.

For example, if parsing the subconfiguration files fails, the connection is terminated (for the host-specific subconfiguration), or access is denied (for the user-specific subconfiguration). If the service does not start up after a configuration update, the Management Agent reverts back to the previous configuration version.




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