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SSH Tectia

Managing Host Views and Groups

Hosts can be viewed by clicking Hosts → View hosts on the menu. To select a host view, click its tab.

Host views are different hierarchical groupings of the managed hosts, defined according to the characteristics of the hosts or the organizational unit they belong to.

The host views and their groups are the basis for all managed host operations as well as administrator access rights in SSH Tectia Manager. Multiple host views can be created to fit the IT operations of the user organization. At least one view is required but typically different views are used for monitoring the host environment, managed software deployment, and managed software configuration deployment. The specific views and the host group hierarchies depend on the organization and should be defined during the deployment of the Management Server.

Possible views could be for example:

  • Software (primary view for software deployment); the hosts could be grouped by the software name and version

  • Operating System (primary view for monitoring host environment, alternate for software deployment); the hosts could be grouped by operating system type, name, and version

  • Location (secondary option for monitoring host environment, alternate for software deployment); the hosts could be grouped, for example, by geographical location or organizational department

  • Configuration (fixed view for configuration)

Each view contains all the hosts under management, grouped hierarchically based on the parameters. Certain parameters, the operating system name and version, the domain name of the host, or the installed managed software name and version, are convenient as the managed host itself reports these attributes and automatic group assignment can be used. Grouping based on other parameters, for example organizational department or computer type (server, workstation), can be defined in the ICB (see Managing Initial Configuration Blocks (ICBs)), or the host can be manually assigned to a group.

All hosts are shown in each view, but after access rights have been fully implemented, only the host groups to which the administrator has access rights will be shown in the host views. A combination of host groups in the views rather than an additional view should be used to limit the access rights of the administrators.

Views and groups are typically defined during the deployment of the Management Server and maintained by the SSH Tectia Manager superuser.


The view by which software configurations are deployed is selected the first time the superuser visits the Assign Configurations page (via Configurations → Assign configurations). It cannot be changed later.

Selecting the view for assigning configurations

Figure 3.2. Selecting the view for assigning configurations




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