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SSH Tectia

Viewing and Comparing Configurations (SSH Tectia G3)

The ability to view and compare previous and current revisions of configurations is available for SSH Tectia G3 (5.x and 6.x) configurations.

To view and compare SSH Tectia G3 configurations:

  1. Click Configurations → View Configurations on the menu.

  2. If you want to view SSH Tectia Client configurations, select the Client G3 tab.

    If you want to view SSH Tectia Server configurations, select the Server G3 tab.

    Configurations are shown in tree view. Different configuration revisions are listed as subitems under the configuration name. The current, possibly uncommitted, revision of the configuration is the first on the list and previous revisions are listed under it, the oldest last.

  3. Select the configuration you want to view from the list.

    The selected revision of the configuration is shown and each setting can be viewed by selecting the relevant pages from the tree view.

  4. To view the configuration file, click View Configuration Files.

    To use the revision as a basis for new configuration, click Save as New. Enter a new name for the configuration and click Save as New.

  5. To compare the selected revision shown at the bottom of the screen to another revision, click Compare to <revision> next to the revision you want to compare. The differences between the configuration revisions are shown.

Comparing SSH Tectia G3 configurations

Figure 8.26. Comparing SSH Tectia G3 configurations




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