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SSH Tectia

Creating a Backup


The Management Server must be running when a backup is performed.

The command-line tool ssh-mgmt-backup is located in <server-root>/server/sbin (by default /opt/ssh-mgmt/server/sbin).

The command syntax is:

ssh-mgmt-backup [options]

The following options are available:

-d, --dir=DIR

Directory where the backup archive file is stored. Default: the current working directory.

-n, --name=FILENAME

Name of the backup archive file. The filename will be processed as a string passed to strftime(3) to substitute the date and time values. Default: ssh-mgmt-backup-%Y%m%d%H%M.mbk (i.e., ssh-mgmt-backup-YYMMDDHHMM.mbk). The time in the file name is in UTC.

-f, --force

Forces overwriting the backup archive file if it exists. Default: do not overwrite if file exists.

-t, --timeout=HOURS

Exits with an error after HOURS if not complete. Default: 23 hours.

Example commands:


Creates a backup archive named ssh-mgmt-backup-YYMMDDHHMM.mbk in the current working directory, where YYMMDDHHMM indicates the current date and time.

ssh-mgmt-backup -d /tmp -n ssh-mgmt-backup.mbk -f -t 1

Creates a backup archive named ssh-mgmt-backup.mbk in the /tmp directory, overwriting any file that previously existed at that location, and exiting with an error if the backup process has not completed within an hour.

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