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SSH Tectia

Configuration Options

The SSH Tectia 4.x configuration options that can be configured by SSH Tectia Manager are listed in SSH Tectia 4.x.

The SSH Tectia 4.x configuration options have been tested with versions 4.3.0 and later.


Be careful when making the configuration, especially with the special extensions and parameters configured in a Special extensions field. Errors in the configuration may prevent normal operation of the software and make it impossible to log in to the host through Secure Shell (for instance misuse of AllowUsers, DenyHosts, or RequiredAuthentications).

In case you need more information on the use of a specific parameter, check the following sources:

  • the online help provided by clicking the field name in the administration interface (SSH Tectia 4.x)

  • the ssh2_config(5), sshd2_config(5), and ssh_certd_config(5) man pages on the Unix host on which you have SSH Tectia Client/Server 4.x installed

  • SSH Tectia Client, Server, and Connector user manuals

  • SSH Tectia support pages at

Typically the last occurrence of a parameter in the configuration file is used. If no parameter is defined, the application default is used (see the man pages and documentation for the defaults). Note that some of the defaults of SSH Tectia Manager differ from the defaults of the SSH Tectia 4.x application.

If you encounter problems in configuring SSH Tectia Client or Server, contact support at




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