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SSH Tectia

Upgrading SSH Tectia Server 4.x

If the Restart server option is selected for a Unix host, the SSH Tectia Server daemon is restarted after the installation. This does not affect any open connections to the SSH Tectia Server.

When upgrading an SSH Tectia Server installation on Windows, a restart is strongly recommended. This is because running executables and DLLs might be locked by the system. If the Restart host option is selected, also the service is automatically started when the host starts up, so there is no need to select the Restart server option.

If the Windows host is not restarted during an upgrade, an install lock is set by the agent, preventing any further SSH Tectia Server installations or uninstallations until the host has been restarted.

If the Restart server option is selected for a Windows host, and any SSH Tectia Server processes are running on the host, a dialog is presented to the users of the console of the host machine, requesting that they shut down all SSH Tectia Server processes within 3 minutes. After 3 minutes, the Management Agent closes any open connections to the SSH Tectia Server and shuts down the service to continue with the upgrade. The service is restarted after the installation is completed.