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SSH Tectia

Viewing Application Connection License Usage

SSH Tectia Connector versions 4.4-5.3 report application connection license statistics to SSH Tectia Manager. When SSH Tectia Connector tunnels applications on the managed host, information about these tunnels is reported via the Management Agent to the Management Server.

The Management Server keeps track of the following information for each host:

  • the name and path to each tunneled application binary

  • whether the tunnel is in use, or, if not, when it was last used

Information about tunneled applications for each host can be viewed by clicking the hostname on the View host page and selecting the Secure Shell software → Tunneling tab.

A summary of application connection license usage can be seen in Reports → License usage. You can view

  • the total number of licenses in use

  • a list of each unique application name and the number of licenses used

  • a list of individual hostnames and the number of licenses used

If the number of reported licenses exceeds the number of imported licenses, the server alerts the administrator by displaying the numbers of available and used licenses on the administration interface main page and on the Reports → License usage page.




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