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Interface Authenticator

public interface Authenticator

The Dialog during Authentication process. In general, for being able to deal with the Authentication within a custom made application, it is requiered to to create an object that implements the interface Authenticator. The function : String authenticate(String request) throws AuthenticationException; Will have to be implemented, and it is the one that will be called when Broker will request all user interaction. It will receive a String "Request" in XML, and the function will have to return a String "Reply" in XML. In Windows platforms, if no authenticator is passed to the Object, broker GUI wll perform the Authentication dialog.

Method Summary
 Stringauthenticate(String request)
          Respond to an authentication query.

Method Detail


public String authenticate(String request)
                    throws AuthenticationException
Respond to an authentication query.

request - the authentication query in XML
a response to the query, e.g. a password or pass phrase
AuthenticationException - if a response cannot be given




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