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Package com.ssh.sft

Provides classes for manipulating files on remote hosts via the Secure File Transfer protocol.


Interface Summary
AuthenticatorThe Dialog during Authentication process.
Policies.AllThe universal policy interface.
Policies.CopyThe policy interface for copying files.
Policies.CopyDirThe policy interface for recursive copying of a directory.
Policies.DirThe policy interface for recursive operations on directories.
Policies.MoveThe policy interface for moving files.
Policies.MoveDirThe policy interface for recursive moving of a directory.
Policies.RemoveThe policy interface for removing files.
Policies.RemoveDirThe policy interface for recursive removal of a directory.
ProgressFactoryThe interface for creating new ProgressListener objects during a recursive operation.
ProgressListenerThe listener interface for the progression of a single file operation.

Class Summary
AbstractPolicyA default implementation for policies.
CharConversionCharacter conversion specifiers.
DirectoryA remote directory.
DirHandleAn iterator over directory contents.
FileA remote file.
FileAttributesA collection of file attributes.
LocationA location for a remote file.
PoliciesInterfaces for interactive queries and notifications from the Secure File Transfer service.
RegularFileA regular file.
SessionAn ongoing SFTP session in a remote or local host.
SftThe Secure File Transfer service.
SymLinkA symbolic link.

Exception Summary
AbortedExceptionSignals a user-requested abortion of an SFT operation.
AuthenticationExceptionSignals that there has been a problem during the Authentication process
NoSuchFileExceptionSignals that no file existed in a specified location.
PermissionDeniedExceptionSignals that the user does not have the permissions required for performing a particular file operation.
SftEOFExceptionSignals that the end of a file has been reached.
SftExceptionAn exception that is thrown by the Secure File Transfer service.

Package com.ssh.sft Description

Provides classes for manipulating files on remote hosts via the Secure File Transfer protocol.

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